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In this line of business he has ceaselessly tried to demarcate entrepreneurship and business. He says, “Every entrepreneur is a businessman but every businessman is not an entrepreneur. World renowned successful businessmen are entrepreneurs.” He is a pioneer of this distinguishing idea and strives relentlessly to churn out confident and innovative entrepreneurs from his institute. The Business Dhronacharya Institute has been providing training to start-up entrepreneurs, business owners, employees, budding entrepreneurs, student entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs on various aspects of business management. Practical insights are provided to business owners that can be applied in real time to alter their thinking pattern that will make a difference in increasing the value of their businesses.


Business Consulting

Our customer-focused business consulting is rooted on need-specific, business-appropriate, result oriented and profitable solutions. We leverage our global business outlook and technology acumen to help our clients get best solutions for enhancing their production, resource management, establishing strong distribution channel. From entry strategy to enhancing process efficiency to identifying key growth drivers, we provide business consulting services to businesses of all types and sizes. We provide comprehensive business solutions covering cultural barriers, economic conditions, country’s political system and others. As a global consulting entity we assist clients in merger and acquisitions. We can also be contacted for turning around sinking businesses.

Our Business Consulting Services include:

  • Exploring new marketing avenues
  • Limiting the opportunity cost
  • Market based research & development activity
  • Recommendations supporting the growth of the business
  • Optimizing Investments for enhanced returns
  • Internal and External business operational analysis
  • Investments risk analysis

Let’s explore our business consultation approach

  • Market research & analysis
  • Government policy, regulation, evaluations & business climate
  • Deriving the possibilities to establish your business
  • Strategizing the local economics based on the existing political system
  • Exploring the marketing channels
  • Limiting the opportunity cost
  • Market based research & development activity
  • Recommendations supporting the growth of the business
  • Commercialisation assistance
  • Investment distribution

Invite as a SPEAKER

Mr. K.S.P.S.Gunaseelan, Founder & CEO of Business Dhronacharya is an international business consultant who is passionate in working with the business owners & entrepreneurs to scaling up their businesses to the next level. His brilliance in strategizing produced amazing results that make a difference inside the organizations. He design action plans after deploying the existing systems that produce sustainable results. He is having 22 years of high time industrial exposure & obtained Six Sigma Black Belt in his life time.

Mr. Gunaseelan as he speaks makes it very clear to every clients that trust is an important thing in business ,hence that has to be taken care of well. Business dhronacharyans really understands by the word “trust” because they know in the field of business, trust is something which is a must ingredient ,if it is not present then the whole system collapse. We need to tell a new story about our leadership, our business, one that underscores the way we can trust and contribute to each other. Without trust, the chances for a long term success are diminished.

Gunaseelan is an exceptional keynote speaker who resonates with people and inspires them by providing a real time economical scenario focused on entrepreneurship, Business strategies, Globalization, International market approach etc. Inviting individuals, Business networking organizations, Institutions organizing business events to invite Gunaseelan to speak at your events.