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Why choose Business Dhronacharya,
International level membership?

International level membership offers a wide range of benefits and features, where the members can access both the state and national region simultaneously.

What’s included in international-level membership?

In international level membership, members can access all the meetings and schedules. All over India can be easily accessible by international-level members.

Benefits and features of
international level membership

What’s included in Business Yatri training?

Business Yatri training covers a diploma in Indian Market Study, and the classes will be held only after the post-lunch of state meeting. This course duration is up to 18 months, and it can cover up to 2 countries for Malaysia and Dubai.

Who should take up this Business Yatri training?

If you’re a small to medium-scale entrepreneur,
then this Business Yatri course is specifically designed for you!

Privileges of National Level Membership


Members will travel eight major cities nation- ally and 12 cities/towns in their residing state to make business connections. We ensure the visibility of your business presence to a wide range of businessmen and you can meet upto 800 people in national level meetings and 720 people in state level meetings in a year.


On completion of the stipulated monthly meet- ings, qualified memebers can apply for bank loans, private business loans, seed funding, an- gel investor funds & venture capital funds ap- propriate to their business size. The council will dilligently support you to get funding for your business under a nominal fee.

Sale & Shipment of goods

Sell your products through the council in bulk shipments to domestic and international mar- kets. The council will help you find suitable orders through global contacts.Sell your ser- vices, dealerships & franchise opportunities through the council by paying a nominal fee.

Foreign Business Travel

Business Yatri first year membership includes two foreign trips to explore international trade practices. You will visit Kuala Lumpur and Dubai within a span of one year and meet various people and get to know their cultures and business ethics.

Who can Join ?

This National level membership is suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to build their market nationwide and create customer & supplier base. Indian market is diverse and making new business relationships in different places will increase the feasibility of business growth.

Become the top entrepreneur in your business network!