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Why choose Business Dhronacharya,
state-level membership?

Our state-level membership provides essential business networking, funding, and grievances to the government with over 12 district meetings.

What’s included in state-level membership?

Our state-level membership includes 12 district meetings covering business networking essentials, funding, and grievances to the government

Benefits and features of
state-level membership

What’s included in business buddy training?

Business buddy training is equal to state-level membership, where it provides certification courses on Indian market study. The course happens through online classes only. The course takes up to 1 year of completion. Monthly, 1 class will be scheduled for a business buddy.

Who should take up this business buddy training?

If you are a small to medium-scale entrepreneur,
this course is specifically designed for you!

Business Buddy -
State Level Membership

This membership covers the whole of your residing state's market and businesses. We ensure the visibility of your business presence to a wide range of businessmen in your state and facilitate networking with them. The 'BizDhrona' mobile app helps you to make statewide business connections on the go.

Privileges of National Level Membership


Attend monthly networking meetings in 12 various cities/towns of your state. You will travel 12 cities/towns in a year to meet up with 720 unique businessmen and establish valuable business relationships with them through demonstrating your business potential and qualities.


On completion of the stipulated monthly meetings, qualified memebers can apply for bank loans, private business loans, seed funding, angel investor funds & venture capital funds appropriate to their business size. The council will dilligently support you to get funding for your business under a nominal fee.

Sale & Shipment of goods

Sell your products through the council in bulk shipments to domestic and international markets. The council will help you find suitable orders through global contacts. Sell your services, dealerships & franchise opportunities through the council by paying a nominal fee.

Who can Join ?

This State level membeship is suitable for aspiring entrepre- neurs who are in search of business opportunities through business connections. We enable them to explore new places & markets and help them find appropriate funding for their future endeavours.

Acquire your business networking in
our state-level membership